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Really?! City Shuts Another Bar Louie?!

If we were Seth and Amy and this were "Weekend Update," this might be a skit called "Really?!" but we're Eater and while we're not comedians, we're still flabbergasted at this latest news. Bar Louie. Oh, Bar Louie. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with your management? First, your Taylor Street spots gets cited in late August for a fruit-fly infestation. Then, as we reported last week, your Hyde Park locale got shuttered because of flies and rodents -- and this was after the city cut you some slack and told you to clean your act up just a week earlier. Now, here's the kicker: After two strikes, you should be so far out because with your third -- THIRD -- location, this one in the West Loop being shut down, you really have to get your shit together. Really! The department of health just closed the Bar Louie at Randolph and Halsted after finding more than 1,000 rat droppings in the basement, this after a diner complained of seeing rodents in the restaurant. And while they were at it, the DOH cited them for other health violations including fruit flies, poorly maintained garbage areas and gaps in doors big enough for rodents to scamper through, among other things. There was a time in our lives when we loved Bar Louie, but catch us at one these days and shame on us. We have plenty of other places we can go. [Crain's]