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Chicago's Downtown Farmstand Opens Today

San Francisco has the Ferry Building. New York has Chelsea Market. And now Chicago -- touted as one of the country's top food cities -- will be getting two -- count 'em, two -- permanent year-round indoor markets. Ok, fine, so we have to brave grey skies and grey veggies this winter before it happens but it's something to get excited about. The Chicago Downtown Farmstand opened today at 66 E. Randolph and will run Tues-Sat until mid-December, but assuming all goes as plans, it will re-open in spring as a year-round market. It will feature fresh produce, herbs, dry goods, condiments and baked goods -- all farmed within 250 miles of the city. Meanwhile the Farmstand will get some West Loop competition with the build-out of MetraMarket, set to open next summer. Now if something would open on the North and South sides, you'd really be serving the community.