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The Whistler Localizes Art & Booze

If you're looking for a local spot to drink a PBR and check out local artists and local indie bands and DJs, head to the Whistler. This just-opened Logan Square space will feature a rotating mix of art installations (check out the front window), DJs and bands (focusing on indie, bluegrass and pop) and will never charge a cover. At least for now while owners Billy Hellenkamp and Rob Brenner (both members of the Blue Ribbon Glee Club) feeling magnanimous. The 74-seat indoor bar will spill over to a 50-seat outdoor patio (in the summer) and will feature a seasonally rotating drink list created by mixologist Paul McGhee, who just returned from a stint working with Wolfgang Puck in Vegas. At least we now know why there's been a sudden dip in irony in Wicker Park.