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Breaking: Top Chef 5 Cast Revealed, Chicago's Radhika Desai Makes Cut

Bravo just announced the contestants for Top Chef season 5 and Chicago's own Radhika Desai of Between Boutique Café and Lounge made the cut -- will Chicago go 2 for 2 (we were so close with Dale, too)? Only time -- and culinary skills -- will tell. The other 16 contestants hail from all over -- and only two from New York City. It's possibly the most diverse convergence of chefs representing a number of geographical and culinary backgrounds (Nashville! Hawaii! Finland -- mmm, hairy fish!). Eater NY has been outing chefs all summer and were dead on with a number of people. Check out the rest -- and tune in starting Nov. 12. Can't wait to see everyone? Check the list after the jump.

Here's the entire Bravo list:

· Alex, 33; hometown: New York
· Ariane, 41; hometown: Verona, N.J.
· Carla, 44; hometown: Nashville
· Danny, 26; hometown: New Hyde Park, N.Y.
· Fabio, 30; hometown: Florence, Italy
· Gene, 33; hometown: Whitmore Village, Hawaii
· Hosea, 34; hometown: Taos, N. M.
· Jamie, 30; hometown: New York
· Jeff, 33; hometown: Niceville, Fla.
· Jill, 28; hometown: Latrobe, Pa.
· Lauren, 24; hometown: Cincinnati
· Leah, 27; hometown: Scarsdale, N.Y.
· Melissa, 28; hometown: Maryland
· Patrick, 21; hometown: Quincy, Mass.
· Radhika, 28; hometown: Chicago
· Richard, 27; hometown: Long Island
· Stefan, 35; hometown: Tampere, Finland

Get the chefs' full bios [Bravo]