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The 38 Essential Restaurants in Chicago


Exciting New Restaurants to Try in Chicago

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The Signature Room, the Sky-High Relic Inside the Former Hancock Tower, Closes

Union Workers File Lawsuit Against Signature Room Days After Restaurant Closes

Boka Bids Au Revoir to Le Select After 10 Months in River North

The Battle Over Chicago’s Tipped Minimum Wage Is Over

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How FX’s ‘The Bear’ Impacts Chicago’s Restaurant Scene

A collection of Eater Chicago’s stories about the TV show that’s streamed via Hulu

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How to Make Kasama’s Umami-Packed Mushroom Adobo at Home

Nobody’s Darling Expands, Proves That Lesbian Bars Have Staying Power

Chicago’s Vegan Food Hall Features Meatless Italian Beef, Fish-Free Sushi, and More

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The Eater College Dining Plan

From Roll Tide to Rock Chalk, Eater celebrates the greatest food on and off campuses around the country.

Not Even Malort Is Safe From Pumpkin Spice

An Eater’s Guide to Chicago

Unofficial and highly opinionated information about the City of Broad Shoulders

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Where to Dine With Gorgeous Views of the Chicago Skyline and Lake Michigan

Chicago’s New All-Vegan Food Hall and 12 More Openings

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

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Welcome to Diner Land

Enter the world of Americana. Of vinyl booths and bottomless coffee. Of late-night pancakes and all-hours hot dogs. Of all-ages dining and no-frills service. Of chrome trim and cash-only.

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The Most Iconic Diners in Chicago

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America’s Coolest All-Ages After-Party Is at the Local Diner

How diners gave generations of punk-rock kids a reliable place to party

Inside Fulton Market’s Chill New Mexican Restaurant

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An Eater’s Guide to Fall Color in Northern Michigan

The James Beards Brought Brut, Bolos, and Bull Terriers to the 2023 Party

Virtue and Kasama Celebrate Their James Beard Wins With a South Side Party

Virtue, Kasama Together Score Big for Chicago at James Beard Awards

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The Top Spanish Restaurants in Chicago

Guinness Opens Its Chicago Brewery 171 Days Before St. Patrick’s Day

As Southern States Bus Migrants to Chicago, Service Workers Are Waiting With Hot Meals

Inside Lincoln Park’s Classy Speakeasy Inspired by ‘The Great Gatsby’

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Outstanding Spots To Sip Tea in Chicago

Full Shilling in Wrigleyville and Eight More Bar and Restaurant Closures

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Where to Chomp on Italian Beef Sandwiches in Chicago

The Midwest Turns On Itself in the Pizza Wars

How to Pitch Stories to Eater Chicago

Freelancers looking to pitch to Eater’s Chicago-based city site should start here

In an Upset, Chicago Gourmet’s Best Burger Came From a Seattle ‘Top Chef’ Alum

Chicago Gourmet, the Fancy Food Fest That Celebrates Chefs, Adds Composting

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